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  • Indian Entry (X) Visa


As part of our 'Online Services' we provide service for ‘Consultancy Service for Indian Immigration laws’.


Unlike Tourist Visa evey person is not eligible for Entry (X) Visa. An Entry (X) Visa can only be granted to the following persons:-

(a) A foreigner of Indian origin, who wishes to come to India for visiting relatives, holiday etc.
(b) Spouse and children of a foreigner of Indian origin
(c) Spouse / dependents of foreigners coming to India on any other type of valid visa like Student / Business / Employment / Research etc.


Indian Missions / Posts abroad can grant an Entry (‘X’) Visa for a period of five years at a time, with multiple entry facility, subject to usual checks to persons of Indian Origin. The Entry (X) Visa is generally extendable and convertible by the Ministry of Home Affairs.



The foreigner shall not engage in business or employment or any activity which is not in accordance with the type of visa held by him/her. Name of the foreigner shall not figure in any Ration card and/or Electoral Rolls. The Passport/Residence Permit of the foreigner would be stamped “Business / employment not permitted on XV”

The person visiting Indian on Entry (X) Visa can stay in India for more then 180 days. However, he/she is required to register him/her self with FRRO/FRO if the length of stay can be more than 180 days.

Documents we need

  1. Copy of Passport with at least six of validity
  2. Proof of Indian Origin
  3. Information about having citizenship of Pakistan and Bangladesh
  4. Signed Authority Letter*.

**Download it from 'Here'

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