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  • Initial Process
  • Rent Collection & Deposit
  • Forced Rent Collection / Eviction

As part of our 'Online Services' we provide Tenant Management services in India for Non Resident Indian clients. The tenant management service is just to manage the 'Rental Affairs' of a immovable property in India. It includes letting out the real property and collection of rent on behalf of our client. The real Property may be the residential property or commercial property, we are here to serve you.

We will complete all the legal formalities involved such as preparation of 'Lease Deed’ or 'Rent Agreement' and if the lease is required to be registered (recorded) by law, we will help you get that registered.

On your behalf, we will explain the legal issues and responsibilities to prospective tenant(s). The discussion will include Amount of rent, payment date, escalation in rent as per contract, advance rent, any other deductions like property tax etc, duration of lease and tenant's liability for any damage to property. We will explain the contractual liability of tenant to him/her.

We will ship original duly attested Lease Agreement for free any where in India by Reputed courier, however for international addresses the shipping will be charged on actual basis.

Documents and information we need 

Proof of ownership of property.

Details of Property i.e. Area, floor(s), Location, Sq ft. etc.

Name, father's name and address of of Landlord and Tenant

Duration of tenancy

Rent requested

Signed Authority letter*.

**Download it from 'Here'

Upload your documents at or send signed documents to our Delhi address.

Service Service Fee Expenses Completion Time Order
Initial Process (One Time) USD 200.00
(Rs. 9000.00)
--------------- 10-20 Days Order Step one
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Prices quoted in USD are only indicative. INR (Rs.) pricing is final. Customers paying through international credit cards from other countries will be charged in USD. The Prices Quoted here are only for services at Delhi area only. Service fee for other area may be more, write to us to get the service fee for other areas.

Online payment fee may be charged extra @ 3% on services. Please check with our customer representative on applicability of service tax or professional tax to your order.