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  • In-Country Adoption
  • Inter-Country Adoption (for Foreigners/NRIs )

As part of our general law practice we process the adoption formalities for Resident Indians, Non-Resident Indians and Foreigners in India. Our Indian Adoption Process service includes preparation and filing application in representative capacity, notifying acceptance of the application or objections thereto by the authorities. We will take care of all legal formalities such as Adoption Deed, Name Change and birth certificate of adopted child.

Requirements for Adoption

Eligible prospective adoptive parent(s) legally entitled to adopt the child*

Eligible child legally entitled to be adopted*


*Since this is a pretty complicated and varies from case to case depending on the religion, age and gender etc., ask us on to determine the eligibility.

Document and Information we need.
  1. Signed Vakalatnama*.
  2. Application for Adoption**
  3. 4 X 6 size photographs - 4 copies (Husband & Wife together if applicable)
  4. Marriage certificate***.
  5. Proofs of age (Birth Certificate/ 10th Class Certificate)
  6. Medical certificate from M.B.B.S. doctor
  7. Reason for Adoption (Gynecologist certificate or Motivation letter)
  8. Latest HIV and Hep. B reports of parent(s).
  9. Income certificate – Salary Slip / Tax Returns
  10. Bank Letter
  11. Proof of Residence
  12. Investment Details
  13. Reference letters from 3 people
  14. Undertaking from the relative. (if applicable)

*Download it from Here.
**We will prepare it for you.

*** You can use our services to get it from concerned authority for reasonable fee.


Contact us to if you have any question or to learn more about how we can serve you.


Service Service Fee Expenses Completion Time Order

In-Country Adoption

As Estimated As Estimated With-in 6 months Order
Inter Country Adoption As Estimated As Estimated 1-2 Years Order Step one

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