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  • Drafting & Registration of Property Documents
  • Certify / Attestation
  • Title Search

As part of our 'Paralegal Services' we provide the services to Drafting and Registration of Property documents.

We provide a range of paralegal services for our esteemed clients. We Draft and Register (Record) documents with the concerned Registrar Office. The registration process starts with the title search and investigation of given documents.  After finding a clear title and genuine documents of ownership, we then draft the required documents and fix a date suitable to all parties of transaction to come for the registration. This may be any day depending on the convenience of all parties. Generally the service involves the drafting and registration of combination of following documents.


Sale Deed                                Conveyance Deed                      Agreement to Sell         

Power of Attorney                     Will                                           Relinquishment Deed

Rectification Deed                     Lease Deed                               Gift Deed         

Perpetual Lease                        Partition Deed                           Adoption Deed

Trust Deed                                Cancellation of Deed                 Assignment Deed

Release Deed                           Indemnity Bond

Documents we need

ID Proof of All Parties and Witnesses.
Transfer Deed on stamp paper*.
NOC from Government Department**

Clear Title Search report**
Signed Authority Letter ( Download It from Here)


*We will draft these for you.
** We will apply and get them for you.


Registration of Deeds


All deeds must be executed on non-judicial stamp paper, the value of which would depend on the valuation of the property.


The application for registration will be made to the official having jurisdiction over the region in which the property is situated.


For registration of 'Every Deed' the Seller (first party), The purchaser (Second Party) and at least one witness must be physically present at concerned Registrar's Office.

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Service Service Fee Expenses Completion Time Order
Drafting and Registration of Property documents Rs. 7,000.00
(USD 155.00)
Estimated Stamp Fee 10-20 Days Order
Title Search in India Only Rs. 1500.00
(USD 33.00)
As Estimated 4-5 Days Order
Certify / Attestation Only Rs. 450.00
(USD 10.00)
As Estimated 30-40 Days Order
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Prices quoted in USD are only indicative. INR pricing is final. Customers paying through international credit cards from other countries will be charged in USD for the equivalent INR amount at the prevailing exchange rate. The Prices Quoted here are good only for services at Delhi area. Service fee for other area may be more, write to us to get the service fee for other areas.

Online payment fee may be charged extra @ 3% on services. Please check with our customer representative on applicability of service tax or professional tax to your order.