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Debt Recovery (Collection)

  • Procedure
  • Procedure After We Receive the Complaint
  • Other Useful Information

Procedure for Filing Complaint with Allied Legal


The following procedure has to be followed strictly, else your complaint may be rejected and the amount of Rs. 450.00 will not be refunded. The complaint need to be prepared in following manner:



First Page : Your details

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Cell Number
  4. Residence telephone Number
  5. E-mail address
  6. Complaint against (company name)
  7. Payment details (cheque/transaction number, dated and bank)
  8. Fill Vakalatnama (Download it from Here)


Second Page: Opposite party details

  1. Name of Opposite party
  2. Registered address of the Opposite Party
  3. Telephone no.
  4. Fax no.
  5. E-mail of the chairman or company e-mail
  6. Name and address of the branch from where you and received defective product or services. 

Third Page:  

Date-wise facts:  

Refer to the page numbers of the attached documents as evidence when mentioning the facts.



Mention what relief you are looking for against your complaint. Such as refund, replacement or rectification of defect, compensation, etc.



Enclose copy of all relevant documents. 

Attach Payment: No cash in mail

Attach the Demand Draft of Rs. 450.00 in favour of “Allied Legal” payable at Delhi/ at par cheque/ other transaction detail. Write your name behind the cheque.


Online payment:


Payment through internet banking is also accepted. Please send a request e-mail for net banking details to and you will receive the net banking details within 2 minutes.


Once your papers are ready, fill online complaint form to get your complaint identification number. This number is given instantly on filling the form by the email. (Reference id: last line of registration email). You need to write this number on the top left corner of your complaint first page and also top left corner of your envelope.


Fill Online Complaint Application Form by Clicking Here


After this you are ready to send your complaint. Please staple or tie with thread all your papers in one bunch. Send the stapled or tied Complaint + Documents + Cheque + Vakalatnama through post / courier to:


Allied Legal

Attn: Pawan Kumar

8/8, Nakul St. Vishwas Nagar,

Shahadra, Delhi -110032


  1. After the receipt of your envelope, we will acknowledge the receipt of the same by e-mail it generally takes 30-40 days.

  2. We will issue a legal notice within 60 days to the Respondent (opposite party) giving him a time limit of 7 to 15 days for settling your grievance. We will send you a copy of this notice to your e-mail address too. If the complaint has been rejected due to not any reason, we will inform you within 60 days.

  3. If you do not receive acknowledgement or copy of notice within 60 days, please send a reminder e-mail to us at

  4. If your grievance is not settled after sending notice, we will further help you with preparation of your case papers for filing in the consumer court. There will be nominal fee for preparation of case papers. Please inform us about your intention of filing a case in the consumer court. You will not require us as we give free guidance after making the case papers till the final orders of the court.
  1. We operate through the internet, e-mail, and cater to the consumers across the world. So, it does not matter where you are located.

  2. Only one legal notice against one company is sent free. For another notice to another company or to same company, a processing fee of Rs. 300 will be charged.

  3. Consumer courts usually take about 1 to 2 years (or even more at times) to settle the case. The consumer is expected to attend the court hearings at least 4 to 5 times in a year.