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  • Registration Of Charitable Company

As part of our 'Online Services' we provide the services to register the Non Governmental and Non Profitable organization as the charitable company under Indian Company Act, India.

company can be established ‘for promoting commerce, art, science, religion, charity or any other useful object’, provided the profits, if any, or other income is applied for promoting only the objects of the company and no dividend is paid to its members.


1.         Trustees 

A section-25 Company needs a minimum of three trustees/directors; there is no upper limit to the number of trustees. The Board of Management is in the form of a Board of directors or managing committee.


2.         Two choices of name.

3.         List of the names, addresses and occupations of the promoters

4.         Statement showing in details the assets.

5.         Estimate of the future annual income and expenditure of the proposed company.

6.         Statement giving a brief description of the work.
DIN (Director Identification Number) for all the Directors*

8.         DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for two of the Directors*

9.         Certificate from Charity Commissioner*


             *We can get that from Concerned Department.

Documents we need

ID Proof of all General Members and Board of Directors.
Water bill or House tax receipt as address proof of Regd. Office of Company.
Two set of "Aims & Objects of Organization"*.
Two set of "Memorandum and Articles of Association"*.
Affidavit for name from the Managing Director of Company*.
NOC for office from landlord*. (See example Here )

Signed Authority Letter ( Download It from Here)


*We will draft these for you.

Upload your documents at


Service Service Fee Expenses Completion Time Order
Charitable Company Rs. 10,500.00
As Estimated 30-40 Days Order
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