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  • Indian Tourist Visa


As part of our 'Online Services' we provide support and assistance in getting tourist visa for India.

The Indian Tourist Visa is strictly for tourism purposes. Any visitor with any other purpose beside or along with tourism should not enter on a Tourist Visa. It includes any purpose other then tourism such as working for charity, working in any Non Profit Organization, research, investigation, etc.


Some persons such as journalists, reporters or news correspondents can not use Tourist Visa even if the sole purpose is just the tourism. They should enter on the Journalist Visa.

The person visiting Indian on Tourist Visa can not stay in India for more then 180 days from the date of issuance of Tourist Visa, unless allowed by the Ministry of External Affairs. Moreover there should be a gap of at least 60 days between two visits to India on a Tourist visa.


  1. An Indian Tourist Visa holder can not Open/Hold/Control any Indian bank account in India.
  2. An Indian Tourist Visa holder can not Buy and Sell any Immovable property of any kind in India.
  3. An Indian Tourist Visa holder can not hold any position in any organization in India.
  4. An Indian Tourist Visa holder can not use this visit to promote and support any business in India.

Documents we need


Copy of Passport with at least six of validity

Information about having citizenship of Pakistan and Bangladesh

Signed Authority Letter*.

**Download it from 'Here'

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