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The Indian Project Visa is a Different Visa Within the Employment Visa regime. To get the Indian Project Visa a person has to be eligible to get the Employment Visa. Indian Project Visa is a separate visa regime for foreign nationals coming to India for execution of projects in power and steel sectors, to be labeled as Project (‘P’) visa. For now the Indian Project Visa covers only only the Power and Steel sectors initially.


Unlike the regular Employment Visa the Project Visa is limited to one specific project only. The The employment/working of the foreign personnel would be restricted to the location of that project.


Indian Missions / Posts abroad can grant an Indian Project Visa for a period of One year or for the actual duration of the project / contract, whichever is less, with multi-entry facility, subjected to the ceiling. The Entry (X) Visa is generally extendable only by the Ministry of Home Affairs.



A person coming on Project Visa will not be allowed to take up employment in the same Indian company for a period of two years from the date of commissioning of the project. In case the person
has to come for attending to any emergent maintenance/commissioning issues, he/she can be granted a non extendable Business Visa.

The person visiting Indian on Project Visa can stay in India for more then 180 days from the date of issuance of Project Visa. The foreigner coming on Project Visa will have to register himself/herself with the FRRO/FRO concerned within 14 days of arrival if the validity of visa is for more than 180 days. If the
validity of visa is for a period of 180 days or less, registration would not be required.

Documents we need

  1. Copy of Passport with at least six of validity
  2. Project Details
  3. Sponsorship Letter from Indian Employer
  4. Information about having citizenship of Pakistan and Bangladesh
  5. Signed Authority Letter*.

**Download it from 'Here'

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