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  • Contract Management- Drafting
  • Vetting and Review
As part of our 'Online Services' we provide the Contract Management Services in India.

We Draft, Vet & Review legal documents and provide necessary documentation for various complex commercial, building construction, joint venture and infrastructure projects by multinational, transnational and national entities. We have handled major outsourcing contracts for various clients.

We draft necessary all legal documents such as Contracts, Agreements, and Memorandums etc. Our associates are well versed in relevant Indian and American contract laws and practices.

While drafting we take care of all applicable laws, parties’ negotiations, agreed terms and conditions with all necessary boilerplate terms such as arbitration clause, final integration clause and Force Majeure Clause. We work with you, your forms, templates and your personalized needs to draft a document as per your needs and expectations.


We draft all types of legal documents including:


Confidentiality Agreement                      Conveyance Deeds

            Output supply Agreements                    Services Agreements

            Office/Corporate Lease Agreements       Promotional Scheme agreements

            Advertising agreements


Contact us to learn more about how our Document Drafting Services can serve your department.


Documents we need 

Purpose of Document.

Name and Address of all parties of Contract/Agreement/Memorandum

Copy of Party meeting/Negotiations if available

Necessary terms and conditions to be included in document

Any thing important you want us to be taken care of.

Upload your documents at


Service Service Fee Expenses Completion Time Order
Contract Drafting Service As Estimated ------------- 3-5 Days Order Step one
Review or Vetting Service As Estimated ------------- 3-5 Days Order Step one
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Online payment fee may be charged extra @ 3% on services. Please check with our customer representative on applicability of service tax or professional tax to your order.


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