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Resident Welfare Association

Resident Welfare Association
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A Resident welfare organization or say RWA is the committed to take care and development of a particular locality. The Resident Welfare Organization (RWA) is NOT a government body or government organ.

A Resident Welfare Organization (RWA) is the registered group of residents of a particular locality organized to develop that locality only. Geologically the functioning area of a Resident Welfare Organization (RWA) is very limited, not even a complete state. In most cases a Resident Welfare Organization (RWA) functions only within a small defined residential area.

Resident Welfare Organization (RWA) is very important to represent the residents of that residential area together. Specially, for a new residential area a registered Resident Welfare Organization (RWA) is very important to liaison with government on behalf of all residents. An effective an efficient Resident Welfare Organization (RWA) is necessity to have proper security, garbage disposal, utility services, and other services.

An efficient and effective Resident Welfare Organization (RWA) is a must to have good property value.

About This Download

This is a downloadable product for to register a Resident Welfare Organization (RWA ) under society registration Act on your own. The download will be available immediately after the completion of payment process.

The requirement and procedure to register a Resident Welfare Organization (RWA) are mentioned in this download. Just download it, fill it and submit it. Optionally, if you want, you can also hire us to register your Resident Welfare Organization (RWA ) after this download at discounted rate. The packet has almost everything you need to register you own Resident Welfare Organization (RWA) under the Society Registration Act.

This packet contains following documents you need to register for your organization

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Instructions for Cover Letter
  3. Duly Drafted Memorandum of Association
  4. Instructions to complete Memorandum of Association
  5. Duly Drafted Articles of Association
  6. Instructions to complete Articles of Association
  7. Drafted Affidavit for President
  8. Instructions to complete the Affidavit
  9. Drafted Affidavit/NOC by landlord
  10. Instructions to Get the NOC (No-Objection certificate)
  11. Authority / Resolution letter with instructions
  12. Check list
  13. Complimentary List of address of Society registration offices in UP, MP, and Delhi.

You can also get online support (optional) for 30 days from the date of payment with every purchase of this product.

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