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Educational Trust in India

Educational Trust in India
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If you are already running or plans to run an educational center such as Computer Institute, Vocational Training Center, Coaching Center or Tuition Center etc., the Educational Trust is right for you.  An Educational Trust is the best choice if you don’t want to involve many persons in managing the day to day functions of organization.

You can also download this product to register an Educational Trust to serve community in the education field just like an ordinary Non Governmental Organization.

The Educational Trust is also good to get the government affiliations and grants for the development of education. There are many government projects for the development of education in the rural/urban area such as Computer Literacy Programme.

About This Download

This is a downloadable product for to register an Educational Trust under Indian Registration Act on your own. The download will be available “immediately” after the completion of payment process.

The requirement and procedure to register an Educational Trust are mentioned in this download. Just download it, fill it and submit it. Optionally, if you want, you can also hire us to register your Educational Society after this download at discounted rate. The packet has almost everything you need to register you own Educational Trust under the Indian Registration Act.

This packet contains following documents you need to register for your organization

  1. Sample Cover letter with instructions
  2. Duly Drafted Charitable Trust Deed
  3. Affidavit/NOC by landlord with instructions
  4. Information sheet for Registration of Trust Deed
  5. Additional Information sheet for Computerized office for Registration such as Delhi
  6. Check list
  7. Complimentary List of address of registration offices in Delhi.

You can also get online support (optional) for 30 days from the date of payment with every purchase of this product.

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