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Trust Registration

Trust Registration

If you need a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO), Non - Profit Organization (NPO) or Voluntary Organization with more control and don’t have or want to involve many persons, the ‘Charitable Trust’ is the best choice for you.

The legal status of Charitable Trust is the same as the Charitable Society but with more control over the organization. The members of trust i.e. the managing trustees enjoy the same separate legal person status as the Charitable Society.

The Charitable Trust is the best way to start community service. In fact many Indian celebrities like Salman Khan, Jayad Khan, Ajay Devgan etc. have their own trust to serve community*. The key benefits to register your organization as Charitable Trust are as under.  

  • More control over the organization.
  • No need to have more than one person unless you want to.
  • No need to have member from eight states for All India Level Charitable Trust.
  • More choices for name of Charitable Trust.
  • Once registered there is no need to renew it.

 To register your Charitable Trust just download it from our website and follow the instruction in there.

* We are NOT associated or affiliated with any of those celebrities..

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